Chef Daniel Shemtob 1.jpg

For Daniel Shemtob, taking the road less traveled from many of his fellow top chef compadres might have been just the key to building his impressive resume. Enriched with experience through winning Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race, he has attained a new benchmark in culinary vision and execution. 

Chef Daniel looks at food as he does with his life; passionate, fun, and approachable. By being non-traditional, he is able to constantly reinvent himself and HATCH is an embodiment of exactly that.



Introducing the Yakitori Boyz: Akarad Tachavatcharapa, Daniel Shemtob and Nara Latip (left to right). With that many As to his name, Akarad is always ready to bring his A game. It is also not a coincidence that he comes from an A-dvertising background which translates into our playful approach to branding. The particular attention to detail in the restaurant's space and even down to plating can be attributed to Nara’s craft in architecture.

The trio have bonded through countless yakitori meals over the years, and it is ultimately their shared love for Japanese cuisine and aesthetics that hatched the idea of HATCH. Our goal is to provide you with serious eats in a fun and casual environment. We look forward to hang out with you!